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Yard and garden

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A Wonderful Eclectic Maximalist Home in England 5

Home library

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DREAM HOME. @woolandthegang
Very cute idea - more muted tones on a white or cream background with sparrows or wrens/ other brown birds, with some gilding? Could be pretty!
Spring peonies #Pinterest


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Holy Hannah. Have you watched our stories from today? 😂 #wecrazy FIRST, tons of questions about our root coffee’s from my fave…
meanwhile last year... 💕 i must admit, i love changing things up, it makes looking back at the past that much more fun. xx


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Home decor and organization ideas, tricks, and tips that work for cleaning any time of the year.

Laundry Room

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Books are our best friend that teach us so much but never desert us. The more books you read, the richer you are inside. So we need to read more and more books. Then the problems come along with it that so many books around us, we need more space to store them. For those […]


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Keep your nursery design elegantly chic with this black and white combo from Emily & Meritt
neutral boy's nursery

Nursery/Kids Rooms

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Living Room

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an image of a desk with many pictures on it
a room with a chair, bookshelf and rugs on the wooden floor
Anthony Abode - Home Office - Minneapolis - by Emily Pueringer Design Studio | Houzz
a bed room with a neatly made bed and wooden furniture
bedroom interior design
a staircase leading up to a living room filled with furniture and flowers on the windowsill
a desk with many framed pictures on the wall and a chair in front of it
a painting of flowers sitting on a window sill next to an open window with the ocean in the background
an old fashioned desk and chair in a room
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a dog is standing in front of a staircase with flowers on the balconies
"beautiful spiral staircase of California's historic Governor's Mansion" Poster for Sale by Lenny La Rue, IPA