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a glass and brass stand with a metal handle
SLOW COFFEE STYLE Specialty - KINTO | キントー
a small wooden object with a long string on it's end and a pendulum wheel in the middle
Matter Matters objet. Beautiful.
a table lamp sitting on top of a wooden tray
a shelf with some wine glasses on it
Bar à huiles - Bouchées à sublimer
a table with a vase, candle holder and some sort of device sitting on top of it
Fay Halkitis, Surry Hills NSW
Fay Halkitis, Surry Hills NSW – IN BED Store
an old fashioned coffee grinder on a wooden stand
© Mieke Meijer
an object is being made with wood and glass in the process of making a snowflake ornament
DMY berlin 2013: melodic scribe by jihye kang + victor gonzalez
an abstract sculpture is shown in the middle of a room with several pieces of paper on the floor
Janina Frye, Reframing 2, 2018
an empty room with two circular objects on the floor
Linda Swanson
a white fan sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall mounted art piece
constant choice
constant choice
a black object sitting on top of a white table next to a metal wire holder
Connecting cross coun... • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson