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there is a coffee mug with the names of different countries on it in black and white
KUBEK MAGICZNY DLA TATY NA DZIEŃ OJCA NA PREZENT - 7314293318 - oficjalne archiwum Allegro
an open box filled with lots of different types of toothbrushes on top of a table
a bulletin board with candy bars on it and writing in russian, english and spanish
Jak zrobić życzenia dla nauczyciela z batoników? - Moje kreatywne prezenty
an open notebook with some stickers on it and the words inside out in different languages
Inside me! With school and work taking up most of my time in 2019, this will be my creative outlet and a way to maximize whatever free time I have.
an open book with a movie list on it and a cup of popcorn next to it
Jane Martyn