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the interior of an empty building with lots of windows and white arches on the ceiling
inspired by cathedrals, the harbin creative design center in china invites peace & rhythmicity
an arch in the middle of a room with a black table and chairs behind it
Projects — VSHD Design Dubai
The Florida Ranch — VSHD Design Dubai
the inside of a large building with stairs and glass roof over it's entrance
a brick building with arched doorways and stone steps
Research & Education Architecture | Architecture & Design
the entrance to an office building with large glass doors and brick arches on each side
流淌在岁月里的卷卷书香 | 中海·学仕里
流淌在岁月里的卷卷书香 | 中海·学仕里
an architecturally designed building in the middle of a city
an empty auditorium with rows of chairs and wooden benches
Design Vanguard 2023: Studio Contra
Design Vanguard 2023: Studio Contra | Architectural Record
the side of a building with windows and balconies
Official Building
an old building with many windows and balconies
Pradier Addition - studio razavi architecture
an apartment building with wooden balconies on the top and second story, against a cloudy sky
two people are walking in front of an office building with red and white panels on the side
Sheppard Robson
245 Hammersmith Road, W6 - Architecture - Sheppard Robson
a tall black building with three windows in the fog
an artist's rendering of a brick building on a street corner with people walking around
More Columbus projects could replace downtown parking lots
a large building with stairs leading up to it's top floor and another building in the background
dmp WORKS - 남사 도서관, 스포츠센터