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the tweet is being posted on twitter to describe what it's like
by @/VelvetIsCake on twitter
two tweets that are on the same cell phone together, one is saying minecraft but i'm in love with drias brothers brother
two tweets with different faces on them
some people are sitting together and one is talking on the phone
two cartoon faces with different facial expressions and words on them, one saying who has crush me?
It actually happened, they just didn't show us..
twt- @rikokoooou
the tweets are all different colors and sizes
Some dnf
a black screen with the words dreamfound - day written in white on it
Poor BBH
the tweets are all different colors and sizes on this cell phone, which is also
dream and george tweet 😭😭😭
an image of some emoticions on a cell phone with the same emotication
dnf on twitter 🥰