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Maya tutorial: Rigging a muscle system

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Biped Rig in Maya

Biped Rig in Maya also decided on this recap ;by seo graham benjamin and theuprising game design studios

Low Polygon Joints - What is the best way?

Maya Node Math: Vector Operations - Kimon Matara

Maya Node Math: Vector Operations - Kimon Matara

Maya character rigging and modeling in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us by Judd SimantovNaughty Dog The Last of Us. Judd Simantov presentation shows the techniques he used in modeling and rigging the

Maya/Rigging: IK to FK snapping, part 2 on Vimeo

This is a three parter. a trilogy if you will (I love it when people say, "if you will"), about the basics of setting up an IK/FK snapping script that…