Warsaw / Inspired by forest, crafted in Poland.
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This can be a rule of thirds because it shows the kid swinging. Not only swinging but how the kid swings into the lake off a rope. Also, they are not really on a beach so maybe its a fun family spot or a place where teenagers found that was fun.

'Woman with bicycle and bread - 'Dordogne, 1977', Jean Gaumy

'Woman with bicycle and bread - 'Dordogne, Jean Gaumy. I think I need a bicycle for my adventure and bread with a hole in it to sit on in case my bum gets tired.

"Eiɾiҽɳ σf Iliϯɦiҽɳ" Snowmaiden of the Moon Land. Her ancestry lies in the Tawar-in-Drúedain (The Great Forest)