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'The Monk Lamp' has a cool backstory, look at it carefully and try and think of an organization/faith from a cult movie series, the lamp honestly has a Jedi vibe to it, for copyright reasons, the name was changed to Monk, but its Jedi spirit remains... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Zelf eierschalen maken mbv ballonnen en gips(verband).

Fill the balloon with water . This image illustrates why you don't completely fill the balloon you should always leave some room in the neck of the balloon, then as the form dries the pressure has somewhere to go and your clay wont split like that.

Joli pot à plante en béton | DIY: Concrete planter #planter #concrete #DIY

Joli pot à plante en béton | DIY: Concrete planter #planter #concrete #DIY

Betonschale // Werde dein eigener Designer und gestalte was dir gefällt! Mit Beton ist so ziemlich alles machbar und das Ergebnis überzeugt immer! http://www.marein.ch/basteln/9047/beton-schale/

Hand Blown Concrete Bowls, Cool DIY Concrete Project Ideas, http://hative.com/cool-diy-concrete-project-ideas/,

34 Cool and Modern DIY Concrete Projects

Concrete Ampersand Decoration. For a chic industrial home style, you can't beat this colour dipped concrete ampersand decoration, available with copper or bronze detail. Whether used as a bookend, paperweight, or simply a decoration on a bookshelf or in the home office, this concrete ampersand is a lovely gift for a stylish friend.