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I promise if I die with unexpected death all of my followers should no it's because of him and Michael an Calum and ash

5 Facts About Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer. Don't worry, there is also plenty of Liz appreciation.

Luke hemmings

{Punk Luke Hemmings} Hey I'm Luke Hemmings. I'm 19 and single. I'm the lead singer for 5 Seconds Of Summer. I like to get into trouble and do things I shouldn't. I'm also protective over my sister. I'm also bi. *i smirk* -Luke

cal's like "but ur not luke hemmings" hahaha but who is…… except luke hemmings!!!

cal better be fucking smiling cause i would die for mikey to kiss me on the cheek

Calum: LUKE LETS TAKE A SELFIE AND GIVE GIRLS CAKE FEELS!  Luke: yay! I can do my pouty lip thing! Michael: b-but I wanna be in the selfie

Aw Michael wants to be in the cake selfie tooooo