Paulina Orłowska

Paulina Orłowska

Paulina Orłowska
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paper sculptures by Peter Gentenaar

Peter Gentenaar is a demanding print maker. The paper mills weren’t able to provide him with the paper he wanted, so he created it himself, with a customized machine with which he designs ethereal paper sculptures.

Love a wall like this

Kinda strange, because it looks like they've used decorative doors all over the side of the building, even though there aren't windows there or anything, but I like it! I also love the colors.


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The world then decides it has to destroy you by any means possible.  By putting you in such a Bad Situation...  *

"I'm evil so why can't you see this." "Because the world pushes us to our breaking point and when someone pushes back it marks them as evil. There for your not evil you're just a fighter.