Learning theories in education

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Inquiry - Based Learning

Hands - On, Inquiry - Based Discovery Learning in Middle and High School Math Classes

Infographic: Learning theories

Education has been studied for years. Educational theories address issues related to definition, existing types, influence factors, and styles of learning.

15 Learning Theories in Education (A Complete Summary)

What are Learning Theories? So what are educational learning theories and how can we use them in our teaching practice? There are so many out there, how do we know which are still relevant and

Project Based Learning

What is project based learning? How can I implement it in my classroom? These are all questions I had just a few weeks ago that many of you may have too. I hope that I can better explain it to you and I highly encourage you to try it in your own classroom. It was such fun as a teacher to see my third graders work through the driving question I gave them. They had more problem solving skills than I realized! This is just a little taste of what it's like. Typically you give your students a…

Theoretical perspectives of learning & eLearning

This diagram has been designed to illustrate the links between 3 theoretical perspectives of learning and how they could be linked to eLearning. The list of eLearning options is not supposed to be exhaustive. Also some of the tools could easily be designed by an educator, or used by a learner in a variety of ways, and therefore appear in more than one of the theory segments. For example, an interactive scenario, if it were an ill-defined contextualised problem, with no 'right' answer…

Learning theory v2 - What are the established learning theories?

This Concept Map, created with IHMC CmapTools, has information related to: Learning theory v2, Education Fleming, discovery learning summary learners obtain knowledge by forming and testing hypotheses, constructivism summary the learner is not a passive recipient of knowledge but that knowledge is ‘constructed’ by the learner in some way, Organisation Kolb, constructivism variants radical constructivism, Psychology Bruner, social constructivism summary knowledge as consensual domain…