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two plants are on the window sill next to a pink cushion and potted plant
2 months ago I fell in love with this dracaena marginata tricolor at a house I visited. The hubby took it upon himself to find me one. Last night we got this 8ft tall baby (2nd pic) delivered to our home. I can't stop smiling.
Monkey Tail Cactus
Hang with the trendiest succulent on the block—the Monkey Tail Cactus! Its unique appearance and playful vibe make it the star of any green collection. 🌿 🎥: on IG
a woman laying on the grass with her dog next to her and an inspirational quote about dogs
Grow Your Own Chamomile Lawn
the plants are growing in the corner of the room and hanging on the wall next to the window
Clover lawn
How to water plants like a pro 🪴💧
In this short and informative video 🌱🚿, watch as I demonstrate expert tips and techniques for watering your plants like a pro! Learn the secrets to keeping your green friends happy and thriving. 🌿💦 credit:joesgardening
Best books for how to start a food forest!