Guglardeja Husar
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petit déjeuner a Paris! eggs, croissants, café au lait and champagne

My Swallows and anchor tattoo by the legendary Suzi at Holdfast, Perth - master of traditional & old school tattoos

tattoo old school / traditional ink - compass rose and anchor.... Super sweet, dunno if I'd ever get an anchor tho

Tattoo American traditional swallow bird compass flowers

By Cam Davis at Berlin Tattoo; Kitchener, ON. Traditional, anchor, compass, roses, rope, ship's wheel, flowers, linework, arm, sleeve.

Rose tattoo, shoulder tattoo, women's sleeve tattoo, inkslingers, black and grey, this shit hurt!

Timeless. Do it right now before u cant do forever..

Would customize it a little bit to be for my tattoo to always remind me of my mom and on my outer thigh.