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This is a great reminder. It's all about balance.

Mastery of soft and strong is what the from Empire Dental Supplies has to offer. Soft enough to be delicate on patient& surface and strong enough to be useful.

10 Quotes About Coffee We All Know To Be True - Funny Quotes About Coffee - Click through <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> for more quotes that seriously tell the truth.

Loving my personalised coffee cup I got yesterday! Drinking my coffee like a boss then some personal development today and brain storming for my cosmetics company!

So true.

To be clear: this is a small, random selection from my dozens of slightly weird hobbies. Another is writing long qualifications and explanations under my pintrest saves.

All about... Severus Snape

Finally Pottermore paid Professor Snape a tribute and posted a fact file about him. Though I really hoped they would reveal his wand wood and core.>> sure his wood is ebony, but Im not entirely sure about the core. My guess is dragon heartstring


I have a teacher named Mr. Glen and one time my friend didn't know the answer to a question on a test so instead she wrote him a story about "the Curious case of Glenjamin Button"