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an orange and white octopus is swimming in the water
Why This Squid Has One Giant and One Tiny Eye
a green turtle swimming in the ocean
Couples Trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Aimless Travels
two boys are riding on a boat with a dolphin
a wooden walkway leading to the beach with text overlay that reads 21 most stunning cascais portugal beaches
27 Most Stunning Cascais Portugal Beaches (2024)
Head west from Lisbon and just before you drive or dive into the Atlantic Ocean...STOP. You're in Cascais. 😎 if you're on the hunt for the perfect beach, Cascais, Portugal beaches are sure to deliver.This coastal town is the paradise we chose to live in when we moved to Portugal. #portugal #portugaltravel #travelideas
A beautiful Hawksbill turtle feeding on a crown jellyfish. Did you know?
Hawksbill turtles got their name from their narrow, pointed beak. They are found in tropical oceans, especially around coral reefs 🌊 Their diet consists mainly of sponges but they also eat sea anemones and jellyfish. This helps maintain healthy coral reefs – by feeding on sponges they clear some of the reef's surface, which in turn provides better access for reef fish to feed 🐠 📍 Maldives 🇲🇻 #DiscoverMaldives with maniurashydh
Hidden Paradise: Discover the World's Most Beautiful Sea Creatures!
Flying Fish 🐠🐠🐠