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You Need One of These

This shop built kerfing jig creates very accurate lap cuts for shoji screens or simple frames or window mullions. The little screw adjusts to the blades kerf thickness.

Ruggeri violin from the Partello collection

Ingles & Hayday offer buyers and sellers a tailor-made private sales service for fine and rare cellos, violins, violas and bows.

"Firebird"by Antonio Stradivari.  One of the few violins named for its characteristics rather than original owner.  Notice the "flames" on the back of the violin.  Elizabeth has held it and says as you move it from side to side the varnish changes colour between browns and oranges.  Because of the beautiful varnish and the beautiful flames, it is called "Firebird"

Buy Mapex Tornado 3 Beginner Compact Drum Kit Burgundy Red Ideal For Kids. 1816 Compact Kit in Burgundy Red with Cymbals Ideal for kids or a drummer looking to save space.


Violin Makers: Nicolò Amati and Antonio Stradivari