Grzesiek Łaś Łeś

Grzesiek Łaś Łeś

Grzesiek Łaś Łeś
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This is very pale but very detailed work made on the left hand! There're three different animal skulls and biggest is placed in the middle with an arrow in head.

wood kitchen products. so in love with that wooden egg crate and the bread slicing bowl.

Wooden kitchen tools are great. Olive wood is wonderful but hard to find. Choose a hard wood and treat it well. (Do not soak or wash in a dishwasher.) love the bread bowl

raised floor level to make sotrage bed, then recessed bed to create an even sight line

Oliver Peake: Japanese Bed “This was an interesting commission. The client wanted an entirely sunken bed with hidden storage and invisible heating!

free vector clip art ornaments

Amazing set of stock vector illustrations. I love the French Rococo shell ornament design! You’ll love working with these, because they are super huge and high resolution.

viking craft ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Viking Blog (copy/paste)

I've seen the ancient work of vikings in the stavkrikens, but it's even better to see the work in progress in modern days. Norsk Wood Works Norwegian Wood Carvers and Carving Woods.