Grzegorz Widła

Grzegorz Widła

Grzegorz Widła
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Foolproof real hollandaise in about 2 minutes.

Combine our recipes for foolproof Hollandaise sauce and foolproof poached eggs—along with a toasted, buttered English muffin and ham crisped in butter—and you& got yourself a plate of eggs Benedict, the unrivaled King of brunch dishes.

Gelato -

from my Italian mother-in-law. This recipe may be used as a base for your favorite flavors. Try adding vanilla, shaved chocolate or your favorite fruits. Experiment with desired flavors!

This rich, silky custard base can accommodate nearly any flavor you can imagine.

New York Times: Sept. 2014 - Editorial: Voter ID on trial in Texas: An absurdly strict law that accepts as proof of identity a concealed-weapon permit but not a student identification card is being challenged in court.

Gjetost - Gjetost is a creamery, semi-hard cheese made from cow's or goat's milk. This cheese is sweet, with an unusual, aromatic quality. Gjetost is the most popular cheese in Norway and is available in various versions. Is is sold in blocks and is honey-brown in colour. Gjetost is often served as a dessert.

Brunost or "brown cheese" is the national cheese of Norway. Its sweet flavour comes by overcooking the whey until the natural milk sugars caramelise. A truck-load of brown cheese caught fire in 2013 and blazed for five days!

Tarta z warzywami i polskimi serami - przepis z

Tarta z warzywami i polskimi serami - przepis z "Bake Off - Ale Ciacho!