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Grzegorz Supryn

Grzegorz Supryn
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UNIX / Linux Shell Cheatsheet

Come personalizzare il prompt della bash.

How to Find Passwords Using Wireshark More

Introduction to Wireshark:Started in Wireshark is one of the most popular network protocol analyzers to date. It lets you see what's happening on your network.

itil infographic | infographic 7 deadly sins of cmdb

itil infographic | infographic 7 deadly sins of cmdb

The Gamer Motivation Model in Handy Reference Chart and Slides - Quantic Foundry

Gaming Motivations Group Into 3 High-Level Clusters - Quantic Foundry

49 Personality Archetypes

49 Personality Archetypes (as devised by a marketing company to help corporations attract customers by building brand identity.) This would make a good icebreaker thingie for the first week of school.

Good thoughts for anyone writing a story.

Pixar's 22 rules of Storytelling-- This is a cool list of story telling rules. You would think the wonderful writer's from Pixar would know a trick or two about how to write an entertaining story.

evelynatthecircus: “ lauraharrisbooks: “ Beyond this, consider how these professions might vary depending on who the customers are - nobles, or lower class. Are they good at their job or just scraping...

Handy go-to chart for fantasy professions when writing characters or brainstorming

Just a chart with some torso shapes! Face n Eyes - Noses -

Using simple shapes to draw cartoon torsos macawnivore.

10 Productivity tips for software developers

After attending a few seminars on the topic of productivity and time management and reading a couple of books on the subject, I was introduced to some profound concepts and made some great realizations.

50 Features Every Small Business Website Should Have Infographic

small business website design - 50 Features Small Business Websites Must Have