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All comic book fans and enthusiasts rejoice, as we give you a round-up of new comic releases this month from the DC Universe! From the amazing lineup of writers and artists working on with these new issues comes a brand new representation of lines like New 52, Before Watchmen, Vertigo and DC Kids Series. And speaking of comics, one key element that influences the readers’ judgment and perspective is the cover art and design.

Hey Guys, Legends of the Dark Knight "A Game to Die For" part 1 of There's a new crime fighter in Gotham and he's captured the Joker for . Batman Legend Of The Dark Knight B


Part Milly's enemy is spiderman, he has the power to shoot webs and spiders. He is not the typical good spiderman, he is a bad guy. I have chosen this picture of spiderman in his black suit to show that he is the enemy.