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Czołg podstawowy Leopard 2 A5 jeszcze w niemieckiej armii. Pod koniec 2013 roku 105 czołgów tego typu kupiła polska armia od zachodniego sojusznika. Te 60. tonowe kolosy poddane zostały jeszcze w Bundeswehrze szerokiej modernizacji w stosunku do użytkowanych już w wojsku polskim wersji A4. Polacy zapowiadają dalsze unowocześnienia.

In this discipline, the Leo undoubtedly one of the strongest weapons systems in the world - just as he is actually hardly used.

Eastern Front, February 1942: Riding a motorcycle in minus 40 Celsius calls for some innovative tactics, including wearing an otherwise useless gas mask as protection against the cold. Note the heavy shearling coat. That the motorcycle would run at all was testimony to German engineering.

Generally don't post WWII stuff, but too interesting not to: German soldier riding a motorcycle in the snow of the Eastern Front. The temperature could have been as low as minus 40 °C, February 1942

World War II - Propaganda poster by Marek Żuławski celebrating the Polish contribution to the war effort, 1942 #propaganda #worldwar2

The invasion of Poland by the military forces of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and a small German-allied Slovak contingent marked the beginning of World War II in Europe. British propaganda poster designed by Marek Żuławski, London 1939


HU General Władysław Sikorski Prime Minister of the Polish Government-in-Exile and Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Armed Forces inspecting troops of the Independent Carpathian Rifles Brigade in Tobruk November 1941


Polish Volunteers in the DAK (Deutsches Afrika Korps) with MGs 34 and tropical helmet with the Polish Eagle.

Wojtek (Voytek), a mascot bear of the 22nd Transport Artillery Company (Army Service Corps, 2nd Polish Corps) being fed by one of the Company's soldiers.

Wojtek (Voytek), a mascot bear of the Transport Artillery Company (Army Service Corps, Polish Corps) being fed by one of the Company's soldiers.

‘Wojtek (1942–1963) was a Syrian brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps. -- He enjoyed wrestling and was taught to salute when greeted. He moved with the company to Iraq and then through Syria, Palestine and Egypt. ‘He was officially drafted into the Polish Army as a private. During the Battle of Monte Cassino, Wojtek helped move ammunition. -- ‘Following demobilization on November 15, 1947, Wojtek was given to the…

An Iranian boy found a Syrian brown bear cub in and sold it to the Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps for canned meat. That's how the story of the most famous military animal started.