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The old caldera by Cosimo Galluzzi

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Traffic Light

Cleaned up the lines and added color. A few elements left to do and then on to the interior.

Here is one of my latest prop designs for Bullet Age. Currently working on the interior. Hope you like this glimpse into the making of Bullet Age.

Alex Kidd pixel art

Pixel Art Tributes to 25 Platformers platformerpower: “ All the shown Pixel Art Tributes were created by DYA Games Shovel Knight Alex Kidd Crash Bandicoot Castlevania Ghosts ‘N Goblins Conker’s Bad.

Retronator                   // This is beyond-beautiful background art from...

"Background art from Curses ‘N Chaos by tributegames, pixeled to perfection by Stéphane Boutin a." on Retronator