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30 Funny cat Pictures #Funny #Cats

Art done for 30 year anniversary of Studio Ghibli within Goverdose collective.In this occasion there was an exhibition at Embassy of Japan in Poland with other tribute artworks done by some amazing artists. My inspiration was of course dragon Haku from…

Robert Brindley Venice - Google Search

Autumn in Scottish Highlands Mais

36 Of The Funniest Animal Pics Ever.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 18 Pics

Your daily dose of cuteness

Your daily dose of cuteness

Top Right: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Top Left: Princess Mononoke, Bottom Right: Kiki's Delivery Service, Bottom Left: Howl's Moving Castle

Jiro walks through a graveyard of airplanes in a dream - "The Wind Rises" (2013)