Ground Game

Ground Game

Our passion for jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts.
Ground Game
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Rashguard "Katana"

Katana is a set of two worlds. On the one hand we have legendary, honorable and fearless Samurais. On the other we have fighters who cultivate the tradition of

Rashguard "Vermilion Bird"

Rashguard Vermilion Bird for bjj, mma, crossfit training. Gear for brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts.

Rashguard "Konki"

"Konki" Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Ground Game Konki (根気) is a japanese word meaning patience, persistence, tenacity and energy.

GI do BJJ Inceptor 2.0 (Niebieskie)

BJJ gi is made of Gold weave with cotton pants. For BJJ athletes. Good for BJJ training and competition.