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The world's oldest revolver was made in 1597 by Hans Stopler in Nüremberg…

The world's oldest revolver was made in 1597 by a weapon producer named Hans Stopler in Nüremberg Germany. The firing mechanism is a type of flintlock and the barrel holds up to 8 shots. And people wonder where Steampunk came from.


The old Thompson. Had the privilage of tearing thru a few hundred rounds of ammo with one of these. It jammed a shit ton though thanks to the lack of maintenance by the staff of the range.

German StG 44, circa. 1944. Considered to be the first assault rifle.

Considered to be the first assault rifle.

Mauser K98 Rifle

grandpa to the bolt action used in through Vietnam which is the father of the bolt action,my rifle, and also the current sniper rifle since the Vietnam war. This gun is really artsy. So are those gold bullets.

LeeEnfieldsCustomStockConcepts by Souzousha: 1 - Stock SMLE II or III 2…

UPDATED AUG 29 2014 1051 28 Various modified concept designs of the German MG 42 machinegun Stock pic used from 1 - Stock German unmodified 2 - .

Yugo SKS Battlerifle Variants. 1. Stock Yugo SKS rifle. 2. Modified Sawed off…

Several modified SKS based weapons 1327 46 1 - Stock Yugo SKS rifle 2 - Modified Sawed off SKS "Pistol" 3 - SKS Variant altered version of a SKS-D model (able to accept standard Magazi.

how to make gun powder.

With American Independence Day around the corner, and the customary fireworks, here’s a look at the chemistry of gunpowder and its role in pyrotechnic displays: Adapted from the quick and dirty graphic I created for the ask.