Zaha Hadid building

Reggio Waterfront par Zaha Hadid Architects...

photographer Luke Hayes

Prints of the Zaha Hadid's London 2012 Aquatics Centre by photographer Luke Hayes are now on display in The Changing Room, a space at Dezeen Super Store.

L’art en pleine nature : Teshima Art Museum, Rei Nato.

L’art en pleine nature

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Slanted slats of aluminium cover the irregular, curving form of this house and cafe in Gyeonggi Province designed by South Korean architecture practice AND.

The Safe House - Architecture by KWK Promes |

The Safe House

Dan Flavin at the Judd Foundation. Photo: Judd Foundation.

Architecture final essay ideas Essays Related to Architecture. Modern architects reacted against the architecture of the century; they thought it borrowed too many ideas from the past.

The Complete Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid is one of the most innovative and celebrated architects working today. Born in Iraq, raised in London, and recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Hadid has transformed our experience

Konieczny's Ark von Robert Konieczny KWK Promes

Konieczny's Ark von Robert Konieczny KWK Promes

Photo by Olo Studio.

A Thoroughly Modern Ark by Robert Konieczny KWK Promes in Poland