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TSA: Grope & Pillage [infographic]

- Part 4

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hello there TSA

Okay, so probably not an awesome idea to take this bag through TSA...

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Too true to be humorous.

New TSA Promises Happier Travels - Political Dresser

Now with $50 million for spiffy new outfits saved from the sequester (is your city as promised burning down yet?), the TSA has decided to modify what they deem safe for carry-on luggage. If you just finally got used to the idea of them “testing” Aunt Myrtle’s peach pie and giving a little how’s your …

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TSA: Pull laptops out of carry bags at airport or God kills a kitten or puppy

After all the hype about heightened airport security for Thanksgiving weekend, I was kind of disappointed at how easy it actually was to smuggle dangerous stuff onto an airplane. I’m kidding. I followed the law to the letter. TSA officials, if you’re reading this, please don’t put me on the No Fly List! But I WAS expecting it to be tougher to get through security. Maybe it’s because I left my burka at home, or maybe it’s because I look like the quintessential American girl next door. Or…

Keep on rockin' in the free world...

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Keep on rockin' in the free world...

Airport Security
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Airport Security

The TSA is allowing travelers to bring knives on planes again. Here are all the fun things you can do with them.

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