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25 Reasons to Watch Game of Thrones So... Ice and Fire could be about Sansa and Dany instead of Jon and Dany? I just realized these ladies have opposite elements and look. My wish is that the final will be about these two.

harry and ginny....burdge is the best

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For everyone who feels depressed

Best pin ever. It explains exactly how i feel everyday. I hate when people say come on tell me, im here to listen but whats the point? They never REALLY understand anyway. The torn life of being bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, EDNOS, BPD, ect... << perfectly worded this is why when I tell people they can talk to me I REALLY mean it. Literally talk to me about some stupid idea you just thought of, that nagging thing at the back of your mind, the heavy burden that's been bringing you down for months…

J.K. Rowling has answered three questions plaguing some Potterheads plus one about tea. All Hail the Queen J.K. Rowling!!!

110+ BEST Depression Quotes to Say How Much It Hurts

So I'm guessing Cyrano de Bergerac just loved Sonnets?🤔