Grażyna Gudejko

Grażyna Gudejko

Grażyna Gudejko
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Inside of Hot Air Balloon by B [R]asulev, via 500px

Inside of Hot Air Balloon inside. A pilot prepares the balloon for flight. From Natchez Balloon Race Competition. Up to one hundred balloons start every year a race in Natchez, MS

Parachute by Ben Müller, via Behance

Sometimes I spin the dress, and other times the dress spins me. 👗 📸Photography and Postproduction: Ben Müller Designer: Aviatrix, Bajassone Couture Makeup Artist: Raia Petkova Hair Stylist: Kira Villwock Technical: Julian Wilking Assistant: Kristof.

Nishimura Meibutsu 2014 A/W Image/shenchinlun

handhandhand is a design studio based in shanghai which expertise in fashion industry and brand image building. It offers a full range of design services including graphic design、ad campaigns、 website design、VI design、package design、photography and so on.