Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Ktoś
Wish I could make something like this. It has a zipper in the back!
Wow -- check out this super cute Essential Pouch Collection! The First Aid Pouch is designed to hold your most essential first aid supplies while you are on the go or for home storage! You can use this pouch to carry band aids, ointments, medication and more! The adorable charger pouch is for smartphone or laptop chargers, USBs, earphones, or other electronics. Both pouches are super cute and very easily identifiable when you really need them! A medical blue is also available…
DIY Baymax from socks
Wanduhr basteln / DIY moon clock tutorial
Foto: Lia Griffith
owl inside tree trunk - Google Search
Make your own gorgeous penguin felt stuffie with this printable template and step-by-step tutorial from the Lia Griffith studio.
Ангелочек из фетра
nice Nail and string art cat...
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