Dress form pincushion pattern and tutorial.

Another pretty dressform pincushion pattern and tutorial.: Another pretty dressform pincushion pattern and tutorial.

Wire doll armature http://members.home.nl/m.spijkers/dolls.htm

This wire skeleton was similar the ones I had to do for my clay skeletons …

papel mache

papel mache - give student artists a descriptive word and have them create the work to visually show the word. here is "elegance" or "elongated"

Mice Mug Rugs,

* mouse potholder [ international craft idea site --should be able to just use the shapes provided. These would be so cute in Christmas fabric for easy and cheap neighbor gifts! (include a half pocket on the back for a pot holder mit)

.wire and paper

American Flag, Cross, Sunflower (little girl with braids), Sail boat, Balloon…