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a white piece of art that looks like it has been made out of paper and rope
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Four Handmade Porcelain Heart Decorations
a wooden spoon in a metal pan filled with milk
Homemade Polymer Clay
Homemade Polymer Clay - My favorite is a polymer clay also known as cold porcelain. Its main ingredients are cornstarch and white PVA or Elmer's glue. It's smooth and a little bit elastic to work with and dries extremely hard. It's also relatively non-porous so it takes paint really well. And it doesn't degrade over time like baker's clay or salt clay does
the process of making decorative paper plates
DIY clay magnets
A simple salt dough, a cookie cutter, a rubber stamp and a little paint. Such pretty ornaments or gift tie-ons. Pretty Ornaments, Tie Gifts, Diy Weihnachten, Noel Christmas, Christmas Star
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A simple salt dough, a cookie cutter, a rubber stamp and a little paint. Such pretty ornaments or gift tie-ons.
a person standing on top of a stove in front of a pan with something white
Cold Porcelain Clay – a quite-easy-to-make air dry homemade clay which gets its name because when it is fully dry, it has a translucent finish to it, similar to that of porcelain... 1 cup of Cornstarch, 1 cup of school glue, 2 tbsp vinegar, 2 tbsp baby oil & cold cream (such as Nivea). You can colour it with tempera paint at the mixing stage (“,)
six white knitted napkins with holes in the middle and five balls on top
Clay Texture Stamps, TWO Ball Stamp Rollers, Ceramics and Pottery, Random Gift Set, Giselle No. 5 Original - Etsy
Choose Your Pattern Small Sculpture Ball to Texture Clay Just ONE -- Tool or Stamp. $15.00, via Etsy.
Winter cookies by Babes in Boyland// Cookie Decorating, Fudge, بيتي فور, Winter Cookie, Läcker Mat, Cookies Recipes Christmas, Christmas Baking, Gingerbread Cookies, Biscotti
December - en bakmånad - Babes in Boyland
Winter cookies by Babes in Boyland//
some white and blue ornaments are laying on a table with string attached to them,
Home made decorations...
pretty DIY : clay ornaments (via the lovely Coco Rose Diaries)
two tags with white lace on them are attached to the back of a wedding dress
Karin Joan
Manilla Tags with lace and textured hearts that I made of clay. So lovely to decorate with.
an old book with crocheted doily on it
Elegant Christmas…
Ornaments made with air dry clay and a doily imprint - genius
white ceramic stars with names on them are arranged in rows and placed next to each other
pia jane bijkerk
wish upon a star.. {pia jane bijkerk}
three white coasters sitting on top of a wooden table
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Lace pressed coasters: made with lace and home made clay.
a white container with some tags attached to it and a cup on the side,
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labels made of modeling clay
instructions for making homemade modeling clay
Home made Modeling clay
Recipe For Homemade Clay Rainy Day Activities, Easy Homemade Crafts, Childrens Food, Art Recipes, Dough Ideas, Childrens Meals, Rainy Day Fun, Homemade Playdough
Easy Homemade Crafts & Creative Hobbies - Savvy Homemade
Recipe For Homemade Clay