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Gold Masks with Collagen (box of 3) his is very unique product - COLLAGEN MASK WITH GOLD PARTICLES with a real variety of active ingredients, including precious colloidal gold particles. This is another revolution in Colway product range

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Cosmetic Box Natural Collagen is a product appropriate absolutely for everyone. Just look at its composition to learn tha it is hipoalergic and suitable for all skin types. All others Colway collagen cosmetics can be used by persons with young or mature skin. The idea behind the ingredient choice of the cosmetic line was purely quality, novelty, and total protection of spiral structure of natural collagen

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Exceptionally subtle, suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones. Unique formula guarantees proper nutrition and hydration. Specially designed combination of gentle washing agents and collagen doesn't dry the skin and doesn't affect the hydro-lipid layer of the skin. - for any type of skin - its mild composition,as gentle as infant cosmetics - gentle for eyes - make up remover and face cleanser in one - it doesn't contain any parabens - it does NOT contain SLS…

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Natural Collagen SILVER Specially designed for whole body application. Excellently firming and lifting. Recommended for whole body care and for therapeutical and energizing massage excellent at repairing the skin after sunbathing and allows you to tan in a natural colour.

COLVITA - food supplement - unique for the world complex of freeze-dried pure fish tropocollagen,algae extract, and vit E.

Collagen Ultra-Moisturizing Body Balm 300ml Merge of natural ingredients and the latest achievements of High Biotechnology. Body Balm brings extreme comfort to dry/ very dry skin; deeply nourishes and softens the skin.. Light, revitalising formula provide deep and lasting hydration, ease irritations, eliminate discomfort from dry, peeling and flaking skin, and protect against the negative effects of the environment.

Slimming Serum 200ml A sophisticated product of high biotechnology with innovative dermo-cosmetic components invented over the last few years, a real hit on the market of non-standard cosmetics. The Slimming Serum for body is a super-balm with cappuccino scent and colour. This dermocosmetic product with delicate and velvet consistency was intended for fighting cellulit - the esthetic defect which is a nightmare for any women. Anti-cellulite body therapy enriching collagen treatment…

Eye's Elixir action: - Actively protects against the premature ageing of the skin around the eyes. - Moisturises, smoothes and firms the eye area. - Soothes and softens shadows and swelling. - Leaves a gentle glow and a feeling of exceptional freshness - Revitalises and restores the skin

Natural Collagen PLATINUM Platinum collagen gel is the purest form of collagen in the range and has been specifically designed for facial, neckline and other delicate body parts. Effective, revitalizing treatment for skin.​ It is biologically active and its chemical structure is identical to human collagen. This means that the body does not reject it and allergic reactions are very rare.