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an info sheet with numbers and percentages on it
Wszystko dla Szkoły nr 11/2018
an info sheet showing the different types of circles and their corresponding numbers, with text below
Wszystko dla Szkoły nr 07-08/2018
three different types of triangles with their corresponding names
a handwritten diagram with words on it
Czworokąty – podsumowanie
a drawing of a diagram with words and pictures on the bottom corner, including an upside down
different angles and their corresponding lines
a drawing with different types of speech bubbles and words on it that say trapezy
a drawing of a paper kite with instructions on how to make it
a piece of paper that has some diagrams on it, including two triangles and one triangle
Wszystkie notatki w jednym miejscu
the poster shows different types of poly figures and their corresponding angles, including one triangle
Wszystko dla Szkoły nr 12/2018
an open book with instructions on how to use the key for writing and using it
different angles and their corresponding lines
an info sheet with some diagrams on it
Matma 2