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Honestly I like cyborg and starfire better but this is cute <----- WHAT! Starfire and Robin are the best OTP of the woooooorld! <-------Who the hell said that cyborg and Starfire were good together!

Un grande applauso all  attrice shock777 che la trovate su Tumbl, devianart e instagram bravissimaaaa!!!!  BBRae sketchdump #5

part 4 of the same mini-series akjsdhflkajhdsglkha Something about beastboy calling raven "babe" gets to me x////x; this part was a lot of fun to draw XDDDDD fjhlkdjhaldsjhfffffffffff hope you have.

Image from http://pre03.deviantart.net/0190/th/pre/i/2015/130/a/c/bbrae_sketch_dump_by_shock777-d8stv94.jpg.

here's my colored version of the sketchy sketchy style of my drawing here:&nbsp; idk i just love drawing sketchy sometimes vuv&nbsp; bb and rae(c)dc comics and glen murakami&nbsp;