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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Nurse Sleeping/ Do not disturb unless you need CPR/Please do not knock/Please do not ring bell/sign primitive wood hand painted funny sign. "How about just, "Nursing.Do not disturb.

✙ Compassionate care relies on nurses who are inherently strong. They have an incredible sense of responsibility and feel that they were born to serve and care for others.


Happy Nurse's Week to all of the awesome nurses and nursing assistants that I work with everyday! Trust me when I say I wouldn't be still working on Medical/Oncology if it weren't for the wonderful people I work with!

Top 10 Best Drug Guides for Nurses Online

When giving medications, nurses always ensure the safety of the patients. Drug guides enable us to quickly check a drug’s action, indication, and nursing considerations related to it. However, drug…