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Brewing a German Bock | E. C. Kraus Homebrewing Blog

Everyone knows Germany is known for its great beers. Now you can bring the flavor and taste of Germany to your home with this German Bock Beer Recipe.

This recipe was taken from the Nov./Dec. 2001 issue of Zymurgy magazine and originally created by Greg Kitsock. "Undried" hops refer to wet, freshly-picked hops. Because fresh hops contain moisture, they typically weigh 4-5 times more than dried hops. If you don't have fresh hops, divide the amounts in listed below by 4-5 for dried hop amounts.

Russian River HopTime Harvest Ale IPA - calls for un dried hops, but they give you conversions for dried

The Rogue Chocolate Stout clone is ebony in color with a creamy head that gives way to a rich chocolate truffle finish and pairs well with dessert.

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Recipes involving Rauch malt are suggested for all-grain or partial mash only. The amount of Rauch malt needed for a noticable flavor means a lot fo starch needs to be converted, and liquid Rauch malt (All Grain Beer Recipes)

Honey porter with a hint of coffee, chocolate and licorice. Very dark -SRM35+; thick, long lasting, lacey head, hearty mouthfeel, ABV bordering on barley ...

The Libbey Craft Brews Porter & Stout Beer Glass Set is a set of 4 oz stemmed glasses. Each stout beer glass in this Libbey Craft Brews set works great for porter & stout ales, as the glass shape enhances the dark, rich color of these ales.