Incredible Moleskine drawings…

Funny pictures about Incredible Moleskine drawings. Oh, and cool pics about Incredible Moleskine drawings. Also, Incredible Moleskine drawings.

How to draw realistic eyes in coloured pencils (colored)

Colored Pencil Eye (As a teenager I did coloured pencil, high realism animals exclusively. I should rty coloured pencil again!

How to Draw Hair

Sketch it out. Start with the darkest areas. Fill in the medium areas, also you should try shading in sections. Add finishing touches and you're done! I know it's not perfect but it was a quick tutorial!

amazing book sculpture. I don't know who the artist is and I can't seem to find out. Does anyone know?

Part of me is like wow amazing book sculpture.the other part is screaming "you desecrated that poor book!

Craig Mullins

⊰ Posing with Posies ⊱ paintings illustrations of women children with flowers - Craig Mullins

Not a bird...it's a #flying #fish with it's reflection mirrored below it. How cool is that??

Flying Fish A flying fish glides gracefully through the air, mirrored below by it’s reflection on the calm waters of the Tasman Sea. There are some 40 species of flying fish. All have evolved winglike.

Hyper-realistic pencil drawings by Paul Cadden... My brain just exploded. #art #drawing #photorealism

Remarkable Pencil Drawings That Blur Photorealism and Hyperrealism

Paul Cadden working on a drawing. The hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden creates hand drawn images that look like black and white photographs.

paul cadden

These spectacular images look like the work of a gifted photographer - but in fact they are all hyper-realistic paintings and drawings by Scottish artist Paul Cadden