Małgorzata Sawicka-Boboń

Małgorzata Sawicka-Boboń

Miła, spokojna, grzeczna, błyskotliwa, sympatyczna i urocza oraz inteligentna .... a do tego skromna
Małgorzata Sawicka-Boboń
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CORAL Black Pearl Ring Black Pearl by arosha on Etsy

Omnipotence all power inside, wear for benefits, or use in magic to easy get omni power yourself… ♥ Rose Gold Black Pearl Ring

Day 280 : A section of the Large Magellanic Cloud - located next to the constellation Mensa (which was named after Table Mountain). The cloud is associated with the puff of smoke from Van Hunks's pipe, or the way the clouds roll over the mountain on a windy day.

From idyllic seaside locations to favorite local foods, Loots' daily paintings illustrate items and scenes from her South African city life.

Miniature tree line

Miniature tree line i'd like this horizontal along the inside of my right bicep, maybe longer across too :)

Reclaimed Wood & Pipe Shelf | #bathroom #towel #diy #home

For outdoor shower area Reclaimed Wood and Pipe Wall Shelf. Add character and bonus storage to any space in your home by making this reclaimed wood and pipe wall shelf.