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'Cause learning is so much fun !
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The Mystery Box is a great way to introduce a topic.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! The Mystery Box- great way to introduce a topic.(Panera Bread for the box) Maybe I'll use it for the lesson I have to teach in December.

vocabulary activity - roll and do

I was inspired by Bainbridge& Vocabulary rock & roll, so I made my own. Toss your vocab. words in a paper lunch bag. Have kids roll a die.

great for 5 senses unit

Potato head will make learning our 5 SENSES fun! Kids can design their potato head in their own unique way and then label the 5 main senses! This would be a great idea for preschool through possibly the first grade!

The past few years, I have realized & do my best to practice this quote in my life! I try to live with no regrets! Life is SHORT! I surround myself with those that love me & want to be a part of my life! And those who don't want to be in my life, I have l