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I love Emily Barletta's crochet tapestry pieces. They make me feel safe and anxious at the same time; the actual action of crocheting and the soft but strong structure of the things she makes are very comforting, but the biological-diagram-looking nature of them and the clusters of holes and shapes make me queasy... The colours are gorgeous and the very personal nature of the work to the artist comes across in her work: it feels quite intimate and quiet, though the pieces are bit and…

Invented anatomical structures by fiber artist Emily Barletta create a beautiful and strange imaginary biology.

Crochet Jasmine Stitch Beanie Hat

Crochet Jasmine Stitch Beanie Hat

I have a few exciting teaching announcements and a ton of planning, prepping, stitching, retreating, drawing, and scheming ahead of me.   I...

Complex quilting made more do-able with good planning & marking. Very pretty results.

Krista Withers Quilting: Workshops YAY!

Diane Harris teaches you five common quilting tips that everyone should know. The five tips you will learn about involve the length of your stitch, the type of