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Manos-Sucias-Fujimori.jpg (1070×470)

Manos-Sucias-Fujimori.jpg (1070×470)

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

Daily Man Up Photos) Ever been told to "man up"? Very few men ever "man up" and it's about time we do. I'm not talking about some testosterone-fueled call to a.


Her shack in the desert had been a home for others before her--the leftover clothes and furniture told her that


Peter Bialobrzeski is one of the leading German documentary photographers. He is also a professor at the University of the Arts in Bremen.

I can wander outside my own body  to see who razed the city. What outline stayed.  If there are bones. Buildings. Gas cans.  half full of escape. An oracle  banished from the temple with no god  or knife or speech has no weapon  but herself. — 	Emily O’Neill, “XVI.” (from Stag)

MichaI Klimczak aka is a Polish self-taught artist who studied at the Cracow University of Technology. Inspired by the works of Allan Lee, HR Giger and Michael Karcz, Klimczak is currently.

Always dreaming of the desert. Taken May 2015