Greta Kwasek
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Crochet Spike Cluster Stitch - Video Tutorial

The SPC is featured in the Blue Agave Phone Pouch pattern. It's a decorative crochet stitch that's hard to describe in text. So I made a video!

Om Sweet Om: 5 Yoga Poses to Shed Holiday Stress - iVillage

5 Backward Bend Poses-Backbends are great to open up your chest, rib cage and shoulders. Here are five common backbends and how to do each pose. Hold each pose for five to six breaths.

Alice in Wonderland- This would make a cool tattoo.

Creative Alice and Wonderland tattoo. Although I think the apple should be a spade or a heart. This would be a cool idea for any Disney princess tattoo. Apple for snow white, teapot for beauty and the beast, etc.