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an abstract red and black background with circles, dots and lines in the shape of a circle
Plano técnico, projecto de engenharia abstracta
Technical plan, red abstract engineering draft for use in graphic and web design. Vector drawing of industrial system created with mechanical parts and circles.
an abstract purple and black design with circles
Spiritual Travel Tours to Egypt | Sacred Geometry Workshops
Spiritual Travel Tours to Egypt | Sacred Geometry Workshops
an abstract geometric design in purple, yellow and orange
Welcome - Ajasha Crystal Skull Blog
an abstract design with blue lines in the shape of four circles on a white background
Golden Proportion Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 463917146 | Shutterstock
Golden proportion
a drawing of five circles in the middle of a circle
a book cover with an image of a sea shell
Calculation | rafael-araujo
an abstract drawing with lines and shapes in the center, on top of a sheet of paper
Calculation | rafael-araujo
7 metatron s icosahedron (1)
three blue butterflies flying in the sky over water and land, with scribbled lines
Calculation | rafael-araujo
a drawing of a circular structure with many pieces of wood in the center and lines across it
Calculation | rafael-araujo
Triple Flat Helices