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LINHAGEM- Nyingma - Complete

This school is the oldest in Tibet, tracing its roots to Guru Padmasambhava’s and other original transmissions in the century.

Shangpa Kagyu Lineage Chart

The Shangpa Sect was founded in the century by Khyungpo (Chungpo) Naijor or He went to India to receive the dharma and studied there

Kurukulle (Fine Art Print) - Images Of Enlightenment ~ Dakini As Art

Nepal Earthquake Relief: Thangka Art Prints To Support Tsoknyi Rinpoche's Relief Efforts

Guru Dragphur

Thangka painted according to Chogyal Namkhai Norbu's instruction. Guardians around are main protectors Nyingma tradition and Dzogchen.

All sizes | Babaji Safari | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

All sizes | Babaji Safari | Flickr - Photo Sharing!