Grzegorz Horodecki

Grzegorz Horodecki

Grzegorz Horodecki
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Creative Food: Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

And what Angry Birds Party would be complete without some Angry Pigs? For the pigs we had cucumber "pig noses". The noses were made with a large straw and .

Xiral Segard  Concrete Lamps    Exhibiting at the 2011 Paris Design Week — fascinated in architecture and "work in progress" art, Xiral Segard first started her concrete design concept in early 2006.    Each piece is unique and sure to make a statement in any modern home or office space.

Lampe Gayalux Lamp By Xiral Segard: Concrete lamp. You could make this with an exercise ball, cardboard tube, sand and lamp parts. It would be heavy, but how cool is this lamp?


Wood house handpainted secret money place Light Turquoise No. 3 Cottage Decor Shabby Chic Here at oldnewagain, were all about coolness with a