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three different colored feathers hanging from a wooden stick on a wall with white and brown accents
Macrame SznurkiTrzy
a wall hanging with pink and white feathers on it's side, next to a plant
several different types of lines and shapes in black and white, with red trims
Вязание полезности
Расшифровка китайских схем ...
instructions to make a knotted knot with white yarn and scissors on the end of it
Es la Moda
DIY Heart Knot DIY Projects / on imgfave. You could make this a necklace by getting some bulk chain, doing the knot with the chain, and then attaching a clasp! You could add beads too!
a yellow chair sitting in front of a wall with different colored knots on it's back
Knotted pillows - sew and stuff tubes, then knot away! Perhaps use the scrap…
an image of a black and white tie with the words diy inspiration on it
gratis haakpatroon ruit
DIY Geometrical Crochet Blanket in the style of Ferm Living -- Dutch tutorial on
a pink and white crocheted blanket next to two skeins of yarn
Vasarely Blanket pattern by Marie-Line André
the crochet patterns are all different colors
Basic Crochet Geometry
Basic geometric shapes in crochet; square, hexagon, circle, triangle and pentagon.:
the crochet pattern is shown with text that says, join hexagons with an invisible seam
How To Join Crochet Hexagons With an Invisible Seam
This photo tutorial will show you how to join crochet hexagons with a technique that results in an invisible seam. Great for sewing hexagons together for an afghan, but can also work for granny squares or other crochet pieces. |