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a painting of people walking in the rain with umbrellas over their heads and one person holding an umbrella
Unter den Lauben in Thun
August Macke - Unter den Lauben in Thun
an oil painting of houses on a road
'August Macke Street with a Church in Kandern Art Print Poster' Posters |
August Macke (1887 – 1914) was one of the leading members of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). Description from I searched for this on
a painting of a nude woman sitting on a bed in front of a blue wall
August Macke : Découvrez les Oeuvres Majeures du Peintre Expressionniste Allemand
August Macke - nu assis sur des coussins
a painting of a woman sitting on a bench
August Macke: Figures in the park. Art Print, Canvas on Stretcher, Glass Print
an abstract painting of people walking in front of a colorful building with red roof and green grass
terminus ante quem
Août Macke (allemand, de 1887 à 1914), l'église décorée de drapeaux 1914
a painting of two women standing next to each other
lilacs and wild geese
August Macke (German 1887-1914) - Zwei Mädchen 1913
a painting of two men climbing up a tree to pick leaves from the branches with ladders
Obsternte - August Macke
a painting of two people sitting in chairs under a tree
Couple at the Garden Table - August Macke
a painting of two people standing next to a cow
August Macke Markt in Tunis Painting Reproduction |
Markt in Tunis - August Macke -
a painting of a woman holding an umbrella
August Macke - Pierrot, 1913.
a painting of a person sitting on a chair in front of a tree and building
terminus ante quem
August Macke (German, 1887-1914), Garten mit lesender Frau (am Thuner See), 1914. Watercolour on paper
an abstract painting of people standing in front of trees
August Macke, um artista expressionista, uma obra colorida
August Macke, an expressionist artist, a colorful work
a painting of people in a boat on the water
August Macke
a painting of a woman standing in front of a balcony with flowers on the railing
August Macke - Girl on a Balcony I, Tegernsee, 1910
three people sitting at a table with food and drinks
Three Women at the Table by the Lamp, 1912 - August Macke -
Tres mujeres en la mesa junto a la lámpara, 1912 - August Macke