Rise of the guardians

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a man sitting on the moon with an ax in his hand
Drowning Ostrich
a person with a hockey stick standing on an ice floet in the woods
SPOILER : Origin of Frost by Eris-e on DeviantArt
a person in the water on skis with sunbeams and light coming from behind
Jack frost by tzucin929 on DeviantArt
a woman flying through the air with her hair blowing in the wind and stars above
Guardian Of The Dreams by HelenKei on DeviantArt
the cover to jack frost's book, the garden of fur
JACK FROST - The Guardian of Fun by moodyisajerk on DeviantArt
a drawing of a person sitting on the moon with an arrow in his hand and stars above
Padma Bhujaga ~ The Art of SoulsPoison — A little something for myself before bed to try...
an artistic photo of a person sitting on a crescent with the moon in the background
a painting of a man standing on top of a hill with a staff in his hand
"Rise of the Guardians" Photographic Print for Sale by Westling