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a small turtle is sitting on the sand at the beach as the sun goes down
👆🏻How I’m feeling about this day. Slow.. but optimistic. I’ve been letting my son sleep late since this started for several reasons: 1. He’ll be in charge of his own schedule in a few months 2. It’s my alone time to pace and pray and write 3. Dude is impossible to wake up. He’ll actually talk to me every time I go in, and later claim I was never in there. He’ll SIT UP IN BED and talk to me and then claim he has no memory of me ever being in there. 🤪😵
a close up of a small animal with its mouth open and it's eyes wide open
レッサーパンダ☆ - 那須どうぶつ王国 Official Blog
a red panda bear sticking its tongue out
Daily Red Panda picture #1 - Animals
Daily Red Panda picture
a brown and white animal standing next to a tree
Cheeky red panda cub at the Woodland Park Zoo
Please follow #iloveredpandas Cheeky red panda cub at the Woodland Park Zoo #redpanda #panda #cutebear #bear #animal #firefox #panda #pandabear
a red panda holding a piece of wood in its mouth
crescentmoon animalia
Okay...I can't remember who I'm actually seeing today...not the doctor I know but which np? I like them all except the guy because he's all but a waste of time...we'll see. 🤔
a red panda bear laying on top of a wooden table
Red Panda or Panda Roux
Cute little turtle baby ❤️😘